Missionary or Missional-lite?

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years Christians have used the term “missionary” to describe one who goes out to preach the gospel to an unsaved world headed toward judgment—repentance for the forgiveness of sin found in the death and resurrection of Christ. The mission of the missionary was to proclaim the absolute truth of the gospel—a fact proven by Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. The gospel is “good news” because it provides condemned sinners with a certain escape from God’s wrath.

Missionary or Missional: The Mission of the Emerging Church

Meet the new kind of missionary…the MISSIONAL MENNONITE…

The following is from the CCMBC blog.

Here are some ways to begin living missional.

• Take the kids to the park and make friends with the other moms/ dads
• Go to Starbucks and engage in conversation with those willing
• Go next door and ask your neighbour over for dinner
• Make a list of the needs in your neighbourhood and begin meeting them
• Join a sports league and go out for a beer with them after the game
• Make friends, get out of the house, stop strategizing and start loving
• Teach your kids about living missional
• Form moms groups at the coffee shop or mens groups at the pub and just engage in their stories

(You may find you actually have a lot in common and they are closer to Jesus than you would have thought)
• Volunteer at a non-profit in your community

– Dave Harder
Missional is The New Cool

(Old Mennonite ways of segregation die hard – the post-modern missional Mennonite women go to coffee shops to build community while the post-modern missional Mennonite men go to the pub.)

Meet the new cool kind of missionary – the conversational, pub engaging, beer sipping, missional-lite Christian, for those who are too cool to come out and be separate from the world.

“Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:16


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