Mennonite Central Committee promotes Mustard Seed Associates (Updated)

On page 7 of the March MB Herald under “Coming Soon” the following conference is advertised:

Mar. 20: “Missions and Ministry: the next generation,” conference presented by Communitas Supportive Care Society, Seven Oaks Alliance Church, Abbotsford, B.C.

Communitas, a non-profit, faith-based social services agency affiliated with the Mennonite Central Committee in British Columbia, also advertises this conference on their website:

Communitas welcomes Tom and Christine Sine, of Mustard Seed Associates to speak at the 2010 conference, “Mission & Ministry: the next generation”. Tom and Christine will present the trends, economic realities, social movements and ideologies of our post-modern world, particularly as they impact the church and faith-based agencies such as Communitas.

The Sines, of Mustard Seed Associates, are promoters of Celtic Spirituality, monastic communities, the labyrinth and the Catholic spiritual disciplines. Tom Sine is also the author of The New Conspirators.

Here is what being the ‘new conspirators‘ of The Mustard Seed Associates ( really means:

They explain that when a church lives in isolation, it cuts itself off from “God’s Conspiracy.” What, you may ask, is God’s conspiracy? It is a conspiracy to refashion the world and craft a new global community. While I can agree that it is certainly a conspiracy, I must disagree that the conspiracy has anything whatsoever to do with God.

The website prominently displayed a book for which the undiscerning could exchange their cash for the Gnostic New Age agenda of the “New Conspirators.” The book was entitled, appropriately enough, “The New Conspirators: Creating the World One Mustard Seed at a Time.” I have included its synopsis below.

“In The New Conspirators, Tom Sine helps us to think critically and creatively about the world we’ve inherited and the global community we’re crafting: strained schedules and divided loyalties, the rising cost of housing, emerging political and economic realities, the plight of the global poor, the vulnerability of the environment. He then shares stories of churches and ministries that have planted hope in these troubled soils. With inimitable insight and delight, Sine commissions this mustard seed generation to refashion the world according to God’s great vision.” [12]

Notice, it is this new Mustard Seed Generation who is going to refashion the world and craft a new global community, not God! These words take on a new and ominous meaning when you consider that they are committed Dominionists who believe they are mandated to dominate and subdue the earth using whatever means necessary. Perhaps it will be clearer now that the term “sword brothers” does in fact belie their true mission. Theirs is an aggressive geo-political and social agenda to unite all faiths and refashion the world. There will be a world church that unites around Christ; unfortunately it will be the Anti-Christ.

More at source:
The Hidden Agenda of The Order of the Mustard Seed

The website of Tom and Christine Sine and the Mustard Seed Associates also links to emerging church resources such as The Ooze, Emergent Village, and Alternative Worship. Tom Sine’s recommended “Missional” Book List from his book, The New Conspirators: Creating the Future One Mustard Seed at a Time, includes the following emerging church leaders and their books:

• Brian McLaren, A New Kind of Christian
• Leonard Sweet, Andy Crouch, Brian McLaren, Erwin McManus, Michael Horton and Frederica Matthewes-Green, Church in Emerging Culture, Five Perspectives
• Johnny Baker and Doug Gay, Alternative Worship: Resources From and For the Emerging Church
• Brian McLaren, A Generous Orthodoxy
• Dan Kimball, They Like Jesus But Not the Church
• Brian McLaren, The Secret Message of Jesus: Uncovering the Truth That Could Change Everything
• Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones eds., An Emergent Manifesto of Hope
Mark Scandrette, Soul Graffiti: Making a Life in the Way of Jesus
• Leonard Sweet, The Gospel According to Starbucks: Living With a Grande Passion
• Scot McKnight, “Five Streams of the Emerging Church,” Christianity Today

Other links they provide on their website include ‘Spirituality’ links such as The Taize Community, Sacred Space and the 24/7 Prayer Network. They also link to the Celtic Iona and Northumbria communities, as well as various green/sustainability links such as the interfaith Earth Ministry and Creation Care. [Source:

This is what the Sines are all about, and this is what the Mennonite Central Committee affiliated Communitas is presenting by bringing the Sines to their organization and their community.

This blog welcomes comments from all sides from those who are planning on attending (or have attended) the ‘Missions and Ministry: the next generation’ conference advertised in the March MB Herald.



Mennonites Promote Celtic Spirituality

The Mustard Seed Associates launching of The New Conspirators

Canadian Christian University Steers Students toward Contemplative Spirituality


This August, the Sines were speakers at Greenbelt 2010. See the broad and wide-ranging spirituality and worship at
Greenbelt here:
Note: If it’s true that birds of a feather flock together, this is very telling, and should be a huge concern to the Mennonite leaders who will be accountable to God for the teachers they bring into their midst.


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