MB Herald Spotlights Claiborne’s Socialist Propaganda

In the May 2010 MB Herald is the following book review:

Examining leadership and followership

Follow Me to Freedom: Leading and Following as an Ordinary Radical
Shane Claiborne and John M. Perkins

Regal Books, 2009
240 pages

United in their vision for the Kingdom of God, good friends and colleagues Shane Claiborne (founder of The Simple Way) and John Perkins (civil rights leader) offer challenging insights into leadership from very different backgrounds….

In the hope of kingdom come, John and Shane write of the power of love, peace, and justice for creating a new future, for this generation’s exodus as we walk the “narrow, rugged road to freedom.” I would recommend this book to anyone who lives with the daily question of how to lead and follow by the example of Christ.

–Sarah Whyte
May 2010 MB Herald, Crosscurrents, Currently in Books

About that rugged, radical road to freedom; as a book review of The Irresistible Revolution, by Shane Claiborne at 9 Marks concludes:

The fundamental issue is not that Claiborne is too radical or even rebellious. No, it’s that he takes the easy way out. It’s hard to spend your money in a godly way and to give it to the poor wisely, so he scatters it on the ground as a “jubilee” and abrogates a responsibility given to him by God. It’s no fun to hold a job and legally purchase abandoned buildings for the homeless, so he “reclaims” them as a squatter. It’s difficult to be patient under the current regime of sin and death, and so Claiborne pretends that swords can be pounded into plowshares and poverty can be eliminated without the return of Christ.

In Shane Claiborne’s revolution, flatulence jokes become theological reflection, the crucifixion morphs to a lampoon, and prophetic preaching is reduced to heckling presidential candidates. It’s not much of a revolution, but perhaps it’s the revolution a compromised American Church deserves.

This supposedly radical gospel appears to be nothing more than a social redistribution revolution which the older generation should recognize for what it is. Claiborne is listed among like minded liberal, left wing, Red Letter Christians like Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, and Brian McLaren here:

UK to U.S. Red Letter Christians: Admit You Are Marxists!

The truth about Shane Claiborne is that he may be sincere; but sincerely wrong, while leading others down a dangerous pathway. The fact that the MB Herald allows emergent socialist propaganda to be spotlighted in their magazine with no warning reveals a serious lack of discernment.

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