Mennonites and the G8 Interfaith Religions Summit

By their approval of the G8 Interfaith Religions Summit in the following articles, including the last one listed below that appeared in the latest MB Herald (August 2010), it appears the Mennonites are being deceived along with the rest of the world by the unbiblical goals of this interfaith movement.

9th Millennium Development Goal Recommended

The Golden Rule: World religions united by common goal

The Golden Rule: World religions united by common goal

A meeting of religious minds

MB Herald article:
Interfaith seminar promotes ethic of love

To their shame, here’s what it was really about:

Uniting Religions for World Change:
The G8 World Religions Summit
By Carl Teichrib, Chief Editor



Points to Ponder About Christian Interfaith Involvement: 1) The interfaith approach is rationally directionless. If all religions are equally valid or hold some common level of spiritual authenticity, as the interfaith movement asserts, then all religions are ultimately baseless. Therefore, the nonbeliever can logically reject Christianity as a meaningless sect among many meaningless faiths. For by acknowledging another religion as a vehicle that proclaims the revelation of God, even tentatively, the exclusive nature of God as revealed in the Bible (Isaiah 45:18-22; John 14:6-7) can no longer be viewed as exclusively true. The door has now been opened to consider any other spiritual claim as legitimate; and to not accept these other claims would demonstrate an intolerant exclusivity.

Either Jesus Christ is who He claimed to be, the great I AM – the only true God – or He’s only one way among many and His claim is false. It’s an all or nothing position (see Joshua 24:14-24).

2) The interfaith position muddies the Christian mission of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ as God incarnate come to redeem sinful humanity. Inter-religious bridge building bolsters the idea (continued on page 17)


A sacred fire was lit. Mother Earth, we were told, needs to hear that we love her, so give a “prayer of gratitude” to the Earth; “Because out of Mother Earth comes all we need to live…she gives us the food, the water, the medicines, and the teachings.”

We were asked to privately perform a water ritual, for this will give strength to Mother Earth. Everything that’s alive, “even the water” it was explained to the delegates and observers, has the spirit. We were told that religiously speaking, “there is not only one way, there is many ways” – and to go to the sacred fire and “invoke the spirits.”

Drummers summoned the power of the eagle spirit, because it brings “the spirit of love, it brings vision. The Eagle carries our wishes and our prayers.” And this eagle spirit will tell the Great Spirit of the wonderful things happening in this gathering.

And what a gathering!

More here:

Unfortunately, nobody ever reads this blog, so the Mennonites will probably remain ignorant, uninformed, and deceived.


One thought on “Mennonites and the G8 Interfaith Religions Summit

  1. Interfaith and Mennonites?


    I have one question?

    Why is it that these “let’s all join together for unity in love” rallies do not, EVER, happen in Beirut, Istanbul, Cairo, Baghdad, Islamabad, Jakarta, Tehran, Amman, Damascus, Riyadh, etc.?



    Well, it may have something to do with how Christians are killed every day in those cities for things as simply as going to church or telling someone about Jesus.

    The muslims want to kill us because every single non-muslim is an apostate and they must, out of religious duty, kill apostates. It’s called Fitra. Any muslim who denies that is committing taqiyya or is a nominal muslim from the west.

    Hindus hate our guts and want us dead.

    Witches juust hate our guts.

    Mennonites, in general, only meet people from other religions at work or at rallies like this. I’d love to take some of the supporting MB’s and sneak into a mosque in Dearborn Michigan, let alone Riyadh. We’re so horribly blind it’s almost comedic.

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