The Deception behind Evangelicals and Catholics Together

Why does this blog continue to warn about the current ecumenical trend we see of Mennonites turning to Roman Catholic mysticism and practices as revealed in recent editions of the MB Herald?

The following expose from the European Institute of Protestant Studies explains why the “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” movement is a deception to distort, deceive and damage the work of the true Church of Jesus Christ.

Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT)
by Dr. Brian Green

1. Introduction
Some will be familiar with the recent trend in what may be regarded as right-wing circles in the religious world, whilst others may have heard of the emergence of this new movement, but are not conversant with the details, objectives and influence it seems to exert.

2. The History of the ECT Movement
In 1985 Charles Colson, who founded the Prison Fellowship Ministries, as Chairman invited Rev Richard Neuhaus, a former Lutheran, but now a foremost Jesuit priest, and Carl Henry, the long-time editor and founder of Christianity Today, to address a gathering of Christian leaders.

3. The Hopes of the ECT Movement
In the ECT statement, the participants reveal their hopes under various headings: Witnessing Together, Praying Together, Searching Together.

4. The Haste of the ECT Movement
There has been much expectancy in many quarters, as we near the new millennium, emanating especially from the Vatican, with the Pope speaking of the coming “springtime of world missions”. The year 2000 AD has long been a target date in Rome’s mind for evangelism.

5. The Heresy of the ECT Movement
It is not popular to speak or write against heresy, but the Scriptures are strong in their language against all who distort, pervert, take away from or add to the Gospel of Christ. We indict those who seek to forward the ECT movement as deceivers and brand the document as encouraging a false gospel.


*Infiltration By The Church Of Rome
Dr. Brian Green

*Inside the Catholic Catechism
Index of Doctrines


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