MB leaders discuss the Atonement

BCMB hosts regional discussion on atonement
November 12, 2010

Winnipeg, Man.—On Nov. 3, 2010, more than 200 credentialed pastors, church leaders and interested parties gathered in person and online at Gracepoint Community Church in Surrey, B.C. for a one-day event called, “Deep Spirited Friends Study – The Cross of Christ – a regional theological discussion on Atonement,” sponsored by the B.C. Conference of MB Churches (BCMB).

The event provided an avenue of teaching and dialogue in response to the interests and concerns that surfaced at the B.C. provincial convention held April 30th in Richmond.

“Everyone agrees that the cross of Christ is centrally important to our faith and mission,” says Steve Berg, BCMB conference minister. “Bringing BCMB leaders together in a study-day format gave us some great gains in theological clarity and inspiration for preaching, teaching, and ministry. I would like to see us have regular theological study days in the future.”

More here:



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Discussing Mark Baker’s Apology


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