MB Herald Promotes Brian McLaren

As we shine the spot light on page 22 of the MB Herald (December 2010 issue), we find a half page ad promoting the following:

Refreshing Winds 2011
A Biennial Conference on Worship & Music at Canadian Mennonite University
Here in This Place: Worship in Context
Feb 3-5, 2011
with Brian McLaren & Steve Bell

Emerging church leader Brian McLaren will be speaking on Naked Spirituality, which is the title of his next soon to be released book (Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Words). There is already praise for this book coming from McLaren’s fellow false teachers:

“Wise, easy to read, and practical.”
— Fr. Richard Rohr, author of The Naked Now
“A rich, brilliant and important book: wonderfully readable and personal, filled with insight and wisdom, it invites us into practices that can transform our lives.”
— Marcus J. Borg, author of Speaking Christian
Source: Harper Collins Publishers

Marcus Borg, called by some an enemy of Jesus and the cross, believes that Jesus and Buddha were equals and that Christianity is a way. Richard Rohr, Roman Catholic priest and universalist, believes that Jesus and Buddha offer parallel paths to the awakening of God’s presence. At a conference callled Jesus and Buddha: Paths to Awakening, Rohr taught the equality of Buddha with Christ and the indwelling of God in all things.

These are the false teachers who praise Brian McLaren for his wisdom and his teachings, for all to see. How much more obvious must this deception get before the church wakes up? While it’s too bad that musician Steve Bell is following the wolf pack, it is even worse that the MB Herald is promoting Brian McLaren in conjunction with CMU, to their ABSOLUTE UNREPENTANT SHAME before Jesus Christ and His Word which warns the church about false teachers and heresy.

But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 Peter 2:1

And what does Brian McLaren teach?

“…what does Brian McLaren actually teach? Some pretty disturbing things! You can go to the first and second articles that list a series of quotes from him. In them you will see how troubling Brian McLaren’s teachings really are. Among the quotes, he states things like Christianity is a little true, that perhaps our understanding of Christianity is wrong, that masculine pronouns used to describe God should be avoided, that we probably haven’t got the gospel right yet, that understanding nothing is good, that Gandhi followed the way of Christ, that being saved is not being saved from God’s damnation, that we haven’t got the homosexuality issue right, and that systematic theology is a practice in arrogance.”
Who is Brian McLaren?

Every person will have to answer for themselves before God. MB leaders included. LORD HAVE MERCY!

Note: While one of the main missions of the MB Herald is to “teach and equip for ministry by reflecting MB theology, values and heritage and by sharing the good news,” they have included a disclaimer in fine print that says “Advertising and inserts should not be considered to carry editorial endorsement.” As this magazine is distributed to the Mennonite flock, the sheep will just have to be discerning enough to know what is spiritually safe and and unsafe. Reader beware.

Also see:

A list of quotes to make you cringe — with comments

Brian McLaren Quotes, ‘Bible’ to ‘Homosexuality’

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Brian McLaren: A Prime Example Of Diaprax!
by Sandy Simpson


Who is Marcus Borg?


Marcus Borg
Member of the Heretical Jesus Seminar And the author and promoter of “The God We Never Knew”


McLaren has also spoken at The Center for Spiritual Development in Portland, Oregon, a center where yoga, sufism, reiki and other New Age concepts are taught. In June of 2006 McLaren shared the platform with Marcus Borg at the center.


10 thoughts on “MB Herald Promotes Brian McLaren

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  2. Here’s something of interest. It’s a quote from Markus J. Borg that is rather informative on where he sits in relation to Mennonites:

    “Foundational to reading the Bible is a decision about how to see its origin. Does it come from God, or is it a human product? Are we to see and read what it says as a divine produce or as a human product?

    Through the lenses of natural literalism and its modern descendants, the Bible is seen as a divine product (as already emphasized). The inspiration of scripture is understood to mean that God guided the writing of the Bible, directly or indirectly. What scripture says, then, ultimately comes from God.

    The alternative, of course, is to see the Bible as a human product – the product of two ancient communities. This is the lens through which I see scripture. The Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament) is the product of ancient Israel. The New Testament is the product of the early Christian movement. What the Bible says is the words of those communities, not God’s words.” – Borg, Markus – Reading the Bible again for the first time: taking the Bible seriously but not literally, pages 21-22.

    That open and honest rejection of the inspiration of scripture is telling, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Markus Borg doesn’t hide the fact that he rejects every single tenet of Christianity. Markus Borg writes entire books attacking the proposition “Jesus Christ rose bodily from the dead”. He’s not even certain that God exists, though he’s pretty sure. Markus Borg has waged open warfare against Christianity for his entire academic career. He’s one of the largest intentional and public enemies of Christianity; up there with people like Richard Dawkins.

    I’ve said this online before, but in a meeting of the Evangelical Theology Society, Dr. Walter Kaiser actually used Markus Borg as an example of a clear and obvious false teacher…”one of the wolves that Jesus warned us about” was the exact quote, I believe. Oh, and he said it to Markus Borg’s face.

    The minute anyone in MB circles has anything to do with anyone who is happy friends with Markus Borg, that should be a clear and obvious sign that something is horribly wrong. That should be one of the final red lights on our dash blinking a warning before we start seeing smoke.

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