MB Herald promotes Ecumenism, New Monasticism

It’s no news, but the January 2011 MB Herald is once again promoting new monastic Shane Claiborne:

Ministry hosts radical prayer gathering

Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals “makes it easier for us to truly live into what it means to be a priesthood of believers,” says Rachel Twigg-Boyce of HouseBlend ministries. With corporate and individual prayer as a core value of the Winnipeg-based MB ministry for the transformation of community, she jumped at the chance to host a launch party for the book, putting her emerging ministry on the leading edge of a worldwide network of gatherings.

Living in intentional community in a core neighbourhood is also central to HouseBlend’s mission, so it was important to Twigg-Boyce that the event be held in the ministry’s house. When registration on Common Prayer’s website exceeded what the house could comfortably accommodate, Twigg-Boyce decided to hold 2 parties, rather than cut off attendance or move to a less personal venue.

At both events, guests read through selected prayers together, sang, and prayed for personal concerns. Local singer-songwriters Alana Levandoski and Gord Johnson each led an evening’s singing. Nov. 30, HouseBlend welcomed guests to their weekly potluck gathering of “friends” and community. That evening included a Skype conversation with co-author Shane Claiborne, who said a group of Protestants and Catholics united over the book in Ireland that day as well. Dec. 1, more than 25 people attended a casual evening of learning about the book, HouseBlend, and each other.

More here:


To learn why it should be of concern that Mennonites are celebrating activist Shane Claiborne’s “Common Prayer,” see here:

Shane Claiborne’s Common Prayer




2 thoughts on “MB Herald promotes Ecumenism, New Monasticism

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