Naked Spirituality comes to Winnipeg Today

Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Words (HarperOne) will not arrive until this March 15th, but already the reviews are already saying:

“Wise, easy to read, and practical.” (Fr. Richard Rohr, author of The Naked Now )

“Brian McLaren is a bridge builder. In these simple yet profound spiritual practices he perfectly marries his evangelical heart and contemplative soul, and we are all richer for the union.” (Cynthia Bourgeault, author of Centering Prayer and The Wisdom Jesus )

“A rich, brilliant and important book: wonderfully readable and personal, filled with insight and wisdom, it invites us into practices that can transform our lives.” (Marcus J. Borg, author of Speaking Christian )

“This is one of Brian’s greatest hits, and not just because it has the word “naked” in the title. It is a book that strips things down to the bare essentials, cutting through stale debates, old ideologies, and ethereal theology to unveil a simple love for God and neighbor that is worth devoting your life to. So forget the clutter. Stop suffocating in religion. Slow down from the hustle. Tune out the noise. Unplug from the world. And enjoy this simple little book about life with God — you will find something on these pages that will help you breathe again.”
– Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution

According to one description, the book is about spiritual disciplines that facilitate a “naked” life with God and others. McLaren writes, “A life centered on simple, doable, durable practices helps you begin and sustain a naked encounter with the holy mystery and pure loving presence that people commonly call God.” Once again, McLaren is confronting the church’s traditional practices that no longer work and offering twelve moves (practices) that “connect us with God and free us to do the holistic work the gospel calls us to–to pray as well as save the planet; to worship as well as lift up the poor and needy.”

More practices, methods, spirituality, environmentalism and the social gospel? Even heretics and false teachers agree with that, if you can judge a book by its endorsements. Then there’s The Naked Anabaptist: The Bare Essentials of a Radical Faith (a best seller by Mennonite Publishing Network), endorsed by
Brian McLaren, Shane Claiborne and Tom Sine. Notice the pattern? With McLaren speaking this week at Canadian Mennonite University, it’s starting to look like the spiritually modest Mennonites want to shed their inhibitions and start a radical naked revolution.


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***NEW (May 2011):

Shane Claiborne coming to Winnipeg:

An Ecumenical Evening With Shane Claiborne, Theme Speaker at Annual Meeting


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