Love or Leave the Labyrinth?

In light of yesterday’s post, should Christians love or leave the labyrinth?

The following quotes are from the blog of one of the retreat facilitators at the (Mennonite Brethren affiliated) Mark Centre where silence, contemplative prayer and Christian mantra meditation is being encouraged by spiritual directors (see “Take a little word, and repeat it.”). It causes one to wonder how many Mennonites have actually been influenced and encouraged to walk the labyrinth.

Bowen Island Labyrinth

“I love walking the labyrinth on Bowen Island.
Close to Rivendell Retreat Centre – it is open to the public all year round. Made of beautiful stones and infused with small herb plants – it offers a prayerful experience for all the senses.
There is something about having the body participate in prayer – perhaps I have no words…..but I can be present………I can offer myself……I can open myself up to listen”
-Monday, July 06, 2009

“When I walk the labyrinth, I remember all these things – my choices as well as the circumstances in my life I have no control over. The labyrinth seems so symbolic of stepping forward yet at the same time experiencing going backwards while still moving towards the centre. It is an interesting experience to walk in 20 minutes what can be so symbolic of life itself.
It seems like a journey of trust – trusting to take risks and also trusting in the moments of surrender to what is beyond me.
If you get a chance – walk the labyrinth…….I’d love to hear how your expereince is!”
The Labyrinth – the symbolic walk of choice & letting go
Sunday, July 25, 2010

NOTE: The Mark Centre is occasionally highlighted and promoted in the MB Herald.
MB Herald Promotes Contemplative Centre, Again
Silently Retreating Mennonites


“Would Mennonites actually walk the labyrinth/swastika?”

The Labyrinth Journey: Walking the Path to Fulfillment? by Carl Teichrib


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