The Spiritual Practices of a Mennonite Brethren Church

A Mennonite Brethren church that practices contemplative prayer likes how apostate/universalist Rob Bell describes spiritual practices.

Spiritual Practices
What are Spiritual Practices? We like how Rob Bell described them…
“Spiritual practices are exactly what their name suggests; they’re ways to be deliberate about matters of the soul. A spiritual practice is a tool for becoming aware of God within the normalcy of life—it injects the sacred into elements that could otherwise seem just everyday. So in applying spiritual practices, we find that the lines can be blurred between those things spiritual and what is secular: gratitude can happen when we’re mowing the lawn, worship and grocery shopping are compatible, God can be pursued on the evening commute.”

…Commonly observed Spiritual Practices include prayer, Bible reading, confession, journaling. Here are a few resources to assist you in these and other practices:
Lectio Divina. The four stages of lectio divina are beautifully summarised by a Carthusian Prior, Guigo: “We read a text of scripture. We meditate to enter deeply into the text’s meaning. In prayer we respond to God in the light of this meaning. In contemplation we rest simply in the presence of God, needing no further words. Reading, as it were, puts the food into the mouth. Meditation chews it and breaks it up. Prayer extracts its flavour. Contemplation is the sweetness itself which gladdens and refreshes.”


Artisan is a new church in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. As part of the Mennonite Brethren Church, they are committed to upholding its Statement of Faith and seeking to apply it to everyday life. Artisan is affiliated with the Canadian Conference of MB Churches, BC Conference of MB Churches, Church Planting BC and Pacific Church.

One of the online devotions at Artisan is Sacred Space – Daily Prayer, a Jesuit prayer website. Artisan also invites people to join them for prayer every other Wednesday morning for INWARD focus (Lectio Divina/contemplative prayer).


Inhaling and Exhaling at BCMB Church Plant



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