Brian McLaren’s good friend Richard Rohr

Brian McLaren, whose new book called Naked Spirituality has just been released, really wants you to know that his good friend is Franciscan priest, Father Richard Rohr (The Naked Now). During his fourth plenary session at the Refreshing Winds conference at CMU this February, McLaren mentioned his good friend Richard Rohr’s name at least three times. But in referring to his good friend’s naked now theology, McLaren neglected to mention a few minor details.

One thing not mentioned by McLaren was his good friend Rohr’s fascination with male spirituality and “nude retreats”. (See: Priest: ‘The boy always gets naked…’

Read about this here:

Naked launch
Put this one in your “People This Lacking in Self-Awareness Really Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Publish Ever Again” file. Franciscan new age guru Richard Rohr, known to lead retreats in which full-grown men jump over campfires in the nude, has released a new book with the fetching title The Naked Now. Choice promotional non sequitur: “When you can be present, you can know the Real Presence. I promise this is true. And it is almost that simple.”

McLaren also neglected to mention Rohr’s fascination with comparing Jesus and Buddha:

In January of 2008 Rohr was a “presenter” at Jesus and Buddha: Paths to Awakening—sponsored by his own CAC—where in true contemplative mystic theology completely consistent with The New Spirituality Roshi Rohr taught the equality of Buddha with Christ and the indwelling of God in all things:
The Four Noble Truths are the distilled essence of the Buddhist teaching. In this retreat, each of the Four Noble Truths will be introduced and explored, with emphasis given to the presence of each Noble Truth at the heart of Jesus’ call to awaken to God’s presence in every detail of our daily lives…
The teachings of both Jesus and Buddha call us to transformational honesty. They are both teaching us how to see, and how to see all the way through! They both knew that if you see God for yourself, you will see the Divine in all things.


McLaren also did not mention a few other small issues with his good friend’s theology, like Rohr’s problem with God:

“Most people I know would never torture another human being under any conditions. Yet people believe in a god who not only tortures, but tortures for all eternity. That is bitter vengeance by anyone’s definition. Why would anyone want to be alone with such a testy and temperamental god? Why would anyone go on the great mystical journey into divine intimacy with such an unsafe lover? Why would anyone trust such a god to know how to love those who really need it? I personally know many people who are much more generous and imaginative than this god is.”

Source: My Problem with Religion
By Richard Rohr

Even if McLaren had mentioned these things, the Mennonites at Canadian Mennonite University would probably not have minded, as they seem to have a fascination with liberal teachers like McLaren, his good friend Richard Rohr, and their ecumenical spirituality. Much like their Mennonite cousins at AMBS…

Richard Rohr joined pilgrimage(2008)

Richard Rohr, Catholic priest and well-known writer and speaker, joined the annual Marcellus Day pilgrimage of Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary. Each year, AMBS commemorates the martyr death of Marcellus, a third-century Roman soldier, with a walk through the neighborhoods of Mishawaka and South Bend, Ind., ending at the University of Notre Dame, where the relics of Marcellus lie in the university’s basilica.
Rohr, who is founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation, was the featured speaker at an evening prayer service in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. His visit and presentation, “A new consciousness for peacemaking,” were coordinated by a local group of Mennonites, Brethren, Missionary Baptists and Quakers.


Hopefully, after the very revealing Refreshing Winds conference at CMU, the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Conference of Churches will think twice before they allow another half page ad in their magazine (the MB Herald) promoting such teachers as these. For by promoting Brian McLaren in the MB Herald they have vicariously promoted his good friend Father Richard Rohr, of whom McLaren is not ashamed to mention.

The kind of speakers that Christian universities need to be bringing in to teach at their conferences are not these ‘new kind of Christians’ that are not ashamed to promote their doubts, worldly philosophies, friends, and false teachings about naked spirituality. The kind of speakers that Christian universities need, and that Christian magazines need to promote, are the kind of Christians who are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and who will boldly mention His Name above all other names, as He so rightly deserves!

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. Romans 1:16

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8 thoughts on “Brian McLaren’s good friend Richard Rohr

  1. It is because of this type of activity in the MB church and the Herald that we no longer attend an MB church. Comparing Christ with Budha is blasphemy of the worst kind and we do not want to be guilty of it by association. It is a sad day for us that the roots of our Christian faith have developed “root rot ” and are no longer reliable. We are thankful for the heritage of faith we recieved and that we did not have to grow up in the MB church with all the coruption of the faith that is there now.

    Why do they spend all the money on their own colleges and universities when they could just be part of the other apostate colleges around. How are MBs different these days? What is the point of keeping a name that no longer stands for anything different than what is already out there? Only possible reason I can see is that they want to influence the few that are not in agreement with what is going on. Any other possible reasons?

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