A Message from the Grave for the New Kind of Mennonites

Just a word today from the grave to all you new kind of Mennonite leaders who approve of the revival of ancient pagan practices, mysticism and traditions, and who bring in men who say just hang on to your denial and doubts while they pity those with faith enough to ‘think they know the answers,’ and teach that the stages of our faith are based on the systems philosophies of unbelieving men towards New Age enlightenment as they deconstruct the Word of God.

Your namesake, after whom you call yourselves, has also written some very refreshing and enlightening words about these very same issues of faith and truth, and possibly even about the emerging teachers you promote. Since you gravitate towards things both ancient and new, you should find this very attractive. If it’s too difficult to comprehend, this is because the vocabulary and terms are from the pre-postmodern era when people who had the privilege of reading the Holy Bible actually quoted it. After you have read this message from the grave, if you dare, you might even hang your heads in shame and repent. If not, could you please take the “Menno” part off the signs hanging on your universities, seminaries, conferences logos, magazines, churches, and schools, and replace it with something more appropriate? You are offending the faithful. (Suggestions may be offered in the comment section. Thank you.)

Here is the message from the grave:

by Menno Simons


One thought on “A Message from the Grave for the New Kind of Mennonites

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