Speaking of Lent, Contemplative Spiritual Direction and Mennonites…

Speaking of Lent, Spiritual Direction and Mennonites, there is a contemplative network affiliated with the MB Conference called Imago Dei. It is directed by Rob Des Cotes who was recently a speaker for a pre-Lenten series. See here:

“Pilgrimage” – Pre-Lenten Ecumenical Study Program
Speaker: Pastor Rob Des Cotes, author of “Ultreia – Meditations for Spiritual Direction”
Location: Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
930 Cumberland Street, New Westminster


Rob Des Cotes also recently taught a contemplative series on spiritual direction and Ignatian spirituality which was promoted by Western Canadian Baptist Churches, another denomination that appears to be sliding into contemplative spirituality. See here for details:

Canadian Baptists of Western Canada Promoting Contemplative Spiritual Exercises

Another place where this was recently taught was at a retreat for New Life Church in Kelowna, B.C., home of Stacey Campbell (noted for her Human Weeble Wobble ‘gift,’ she is the department leader for spiritual formation at New Life). Their retreat took place at a Roman Catholic retreat center where Rob Des Cotes also taught Ignatian Spirituality. See here for retreat details:

Seaton House Retreat Report

In light of these facts, and since Imago Dei is affiliated with the B.C. Mennonite Brethren Conference, Mennonites might want to ask their leaders if they believe supporting Ignatian Spirituality as taught by their Imago Dei community director is in keeping with their statement of faith.


Who is St. Ignatius of Loyola?

An examen of relationships

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