MB youth hear controversial Claiborne – UPDATED

All five U.S. MB conferences were represented at this year’s Mennonite Brethren youth convention in San Antonio, Texas, where dwindling attendance was blamed on the economy, concerns about Claiborne and declining denominational loyalty. The total number of attendees was 918, compared to 1,075 in 2007 and 1,406 in 2003. While participants were reminded through the weekend that they are part of a national Mennonite Brethren family with distinctive values, they were not informed that they were also witnessing the apostasy of the church as a whole as they were exposed to the social gospel and the new monasticism.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Shane Claiborne and Paula Simpson-Parry posed a dramatic yet effective contrast as keynote speakers at the U.S. Mennonite Brethren national youth convention…

When the much-anticipated, much-debated Claiborne took the stage, he challenged students to take their faith to new depths. Despite significant controversy before the event surrounding Claiborne’s selection as a speaker, he was well received.

Two groups took advantage of the convention organizers’ offer to provide a meeting place for youth who chose not to hear Claiborne.

Claiborne began his address April 18 with the story of his own faith journey.

“I’m still recovering from my conversion,” he said, adding that following Christ turned his life upside down.

Claiborne told stories of working with lepers in Calcutta, India, learning from a poor child what it means to share, throwing a “kingdom party” in Philadelphia and getting arrested for feeding the homeless.

Christians, he said, should be “holy troublemakers” who are not content with the world as it is but dare to imagine the world as it should be…..

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4 thoughts on “MB youth hear controversial Claiborne – UPDATED

  1. I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but it might be interesting to you:


    Just some thoughts on the Clairborne phenomenon in the form of a review of his “Irresistable Revolution” book.

    I’d suggest that guys like Clairborne really play up to the general Mennonite concern with pragmatism and doing physical works for the Lord (i.e. building things). He’s out there “doing it”, but I’d strongly argue that his version of ‘it” and the Bible’s version of “it” are quite different.

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