Mennonites and Sustainable Development

Are the Mennonites falling for Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development? It appears so…

“Ministry Advantage offered me a variety of resources to help create sustainability in order to advance God’s kingdom…”
-pastor Philip Vallelly, Winkler MB Church
[MB pastors gain Canadian ‘advantage’?]

“How can we mobilize creativity-in-community to fashion lives of simplicity and sustainability for the future?”
Re-Visioning: Evolving Toward Simplicity and Sustainability Workshop led by Mark Burch, former director of the Campus Sustainability Office at the University of Winnipeg, trainer for the the Canadian School of Peacebuilding at Canadian Mennonite University
[Mennonites and World Peace]

“Eastern Mennonite University has been honored as a winner of the National Wildlife Federation’s annual competition “Chill Out: Climate Action on Campus.” This award program recognizes U.S. schools that are designing and implementing creative approaches to advance sustainability on campuses.”
EMU Sustainability Video Wins National Award

EMU: Going Green in Royal Blue

What exactly is Sustainable Development?

There is no doubt that sustainable development in the United States is a concept that arose from the United Nations with the clear purpose of managing societies around the world to achieve environmental protection, equal economic opportunity, and social equity. The United States was founded on the principles of limited government, individual freedom, reward for individual achievement, and free markets that produce maximum prosperity. Government is imposing sustainable development and its inevitable government management. Only an informed, involved, and determined people can stop and reverse this erosion of freedom.

Henry Lamb, Sustainable Development or Sustainable Freedom

Are Mennonites so uninformed that they are actually promoting this erosion of freedom? If anyone would like to learn more, they need to read the above article, as well as these very important links:

Sustainable Development: Transforming America
by Henry Lamb

Agenda 21 & the United Nations
By Henry Lamb

To watch:
Sustainable Development (part 1)


5 thoughts on “Mennonites and Sustainable Development

  1. Be careful with places like WorldViewWeekend and any other website that promotes Christian Reconstructionism, KJV Onlyism, or constant fascination with freemasonry (and proving that people like Billy Graham are Freemasons). Those are several things that set off my “cuckoo alarm” and definitely hurt your case if you’re trying to discuss something serious.

    • Henry Lamb’s articles appear on many websites besides Brannon Howse’s site. World View Weekend promotes returning to biblical values, but Christian reconstructionism? Of course, we need to be careful with ANY website, and test everything with Scripture – no matter what denomination, background or affiliation.

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