McLaren’s Bible Interpretation promoted by Menno Weekly

“Scripture is something God had ‘let be,’ and so it is at once God’s creation and the creation of the dozens of people and communities and cultures who produced it” -Brian McLaren, p. 162 Generous Orthodoxy, Following Jesus Christ without the Bible

In their slide into further apostasy, Menno Weekly’s most recent blog posting encourages readers to watch a video from author Brian McLaren, Anabaptist empathizer and blogger for Menno Weekly. In this video, because McLaren believes that scripture is just the creation of man, he has the audacity to say that “Maybe what we should do is to get Jesus to edit the Lord’s prayer … to sound more like the way we think.”

Video: McLaren on heaven, hell and the kingdom of God

What McLaren is promoting here is the social gospel of this world, not the gospel of the Kingdom of our Lord. The problem with this theory is that even non-believers would agree with what is said in this video. This is what happens when men change God’s Word to mean what they think it should mean. Brian McLaren has said that Everything Must Change, and he has certainly been busy making that change come about. Too bad some Mennonites are encouraging his personal interpretation of the words of Jesus, because in doing so, they may also be partnering with Lucifer.

Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake [as they were] moved by the Holy Ghost. 1 Peter 1: 20,21


Treason in the Church: Trading Truth for a “Social Gospel”

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Brian McLaren Leads Commitment Ceremony At Son’s Same-Sex Wedding

McLaren family wedding ceremony included “traditional Christian elements.”


8 thoughts on “McLaren’s Bible Interpretation promoted by Menno Weekly

  1. So, if everything must change, then does MacLaren apply that to his own penchant for change and teach that we must change our changing and stop changing?


    MacLaren isn’t anything more than a 19th century liberal who combines pagan spirituality with pseudosophical lingo.

  2. Thanks for posting. Christians within the Mennonite fold need to be aware and be encouraged to stand up against the false teaching that has been infiltrating its ranks for quite some time now. We just left our church that we were a part of for over 20 yrs. as it is slipping into this emerging/ neo liberal groundswell. We tried to speak up up about these things but when we did, the church basically in a nice pacifistic kind of way, pushed us out the door.
    This has been something that had been coming for a long time. I was on our pastoral staff 10 years ago when the senior pastor and I where strongly encouraged by the conference minister (Warren Tyson- Atlantic Coast Conference) to listen to a man speak on post-modernism. I had no idea who the teacher was but I was excited about the topic as I had just completed a Sunday school series on post-modernism done by Greg Koukl and Francis Beckwith.

    So, we drove up that snowy morning to Zion Mennonite Church in Souderton, Pa with much anticipation of someone who would give us great insights on how to reach out to those with a post-modern world view.
    What we found though was someone who was encouraging us not to reach out to post-moderns, but to become post-modern in our thinking and in the process deny the authority of scripture. The really disturbing thing was not only the bad teaching but the spell this person seemed to have over his audience. Well, in the interest of time, I’ll cut to the chase as this man teaching was none other than Brian McLaren.
    Over the years I have tried to inform people in our church about him and other false teachers in the Mennonite Church but to no avail. We finally left about 6 months ago but in reality we were given the pacifistic left foot of fellowship out of the church. Since though many others have followed when they saw how we were treated.
    So, thanks for posting this and having your website raising awareness on what is happening. The true believers need to hold the line of truth even if it extremely painful to do so.

    • Quite the experience! You are right about the spell McLaren appears to have over his audience – he is smooth.

      God bless you for taking a stand, and thank you for your comment.

  3. To Marc, and others on this site: It has been brought to my attention that “potcallingthekettle” is linked to a gravatar using my name. “potcallingthekettle” is NOT me. I do not know who it is.

    Marc and I have had many, many, MANY disagreements in the past. I believe that whomever posted the comment above is using this fact to further antagonize an already severely strained relationship for reasons that I cannot imagine.

    I am asking that whomever posted the comment above, or the webmaster, delete it now.

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