Are Mennonites Following the Good Shepherd or the Green Shepherd?

“… if The Green Shepherd turns up in your pulpit, please speak up and tell your pastor you would rather hear an emphasis on the Lord Jesus Christ, the “Good Shepherd,” and His burden for lost sheep — not His burden for climate change.”
Jan Markell, The Church of Climate Change: Here Comes The Green Shepherd

Is the MB Herald going the way of the Green Shepherd?

In the October 2011 MB Herald called Sustainable Lifestyles is an article called Riding the Green Wave which encourages readers to get on board with nine tips for creation care action. These ideas come from A Personal Path to Environmental and Societal Sustainability from A complete, more comprehensive list where these tips appear to be drawn from can be found at the following link:

This list might more aptly be called How to Power Down, Pray Later and Become a Third World Nation.

As seen earlier this year, this is not the first time that Mennonites are falling for the world’s agenda of sustainability. See these examples:

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Mennonites and World Peace

Of course, it is not only Mennonites who are following the Green Shepherd, but it is disappointing to see them join the ‘church of climate change and sustainability.’ For further reading, see the following:

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Nine Churches Say “No” to Shane Claiborne at US Mennonite Brethren Youth Conference

Nine Churches Say “No” to Shane Claiborne at US Mennonite Brethren Youth Conference

Earlier this year the “Christian Leader” magazine covered the Shane Claiborne controversy. This post serves to clarify some of the issues of concern. – Administrator

Shane Claiborne is a sincere, “ordinary radical” committed to achieving justice for the poor. He has devoted his life to this end. For him, loving Jesus and loving the poor go hand-in-hand. The sincerity and seriousness with which he pursues this is admirable in many ways. Yet nine Mennonite Brethren churches kept their youth home from the US Youth Conference last Easter because he was the keynote speaker. Why would these churches question the decision of setting him up as an example and teacher for our youth? His influence goes beyond what he would say at the conference through his books, website, and public appearances.

Continue reading this article HERE at The Mennonite Brethren Network.


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Partnership or Compromise?

As discussed in last year’s MB Herald, it looks like some influential Canadian Mennonites have decided to go ahead and partner together to educate the next generation of church leaders…

WCMS is an inter-Mennonite partnership that facilitates the offering of graduate and professional theological education in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The primary role of WCMS is to link the church constituency with the resources of various Mennonite educational institutions. At this time, students can gain graduate theological education by seeking admission to the MA Theological Studies offered by the Canadian Mennonite University or the Certificate of Christian Ministry offered through Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary (MBBS) of Fresno, CA or Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) of Elkhart, Indiana. WCMS can also facilitate academic advising and coaching for those who train for vocational ministry. WCMS seeks to provide continued professional education for pastors and pastoral candidates through pastoral round tables, workshops and other special events.

The WCMS centre, located on the Canadian Mennonite University campus in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is supported by the following Mennonite organizations:

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS)

Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary (MBBS)

Canadian Mennonite University (CMU)

Steinbach Bible College (SBC)

The Winnipeg Theological Cooperative (affiliated with the Faculty of Theology, Canadian Mennonite University, St. Benedict’s Retreat and Conference Centre, St. John’s College and William and Catherine Booth College)


By partnering together, does this mean that these Mennonites have forgotten why they are named after Menno Simons? Are they now in agreement with Roman Catholicism, ecumenism, monasticism, and the emerging church with its contemplative mysticism? Does this mean they are also in support of CMU’s recent Refreshing Winds conference with Brian McLaren that is still being highlighting on their website ( Are mergers and money more important than being faithful and true to the gospel of Jesus Christ? What would Menno Simons say if he had a blog today?

I voluntarily renounced all my worldly honor and reputation, my unchristian conduct, masses, infant baptism, and my unprofitable life, and at once willingly submitted to distress and poverty, and the cross of Christ.


To understand why these questions and partnerships should be of concern to all Bible believing Mennonites, see these:

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