Nine Churches Say “No” to Shane Claiborne at US Mennonite Brethren Youth Conference

Nine Churches Say “No” to Shane Claiborne at US Mennonite Brethren Youth Conference

Earlier this year the “Christian Leader” magazine covered the Shane Claiborne controversy. This post serves to clarify some of the issues of concern. – Administrator

Shane Claiborne is a sincere, “ordinary radical” committed to achieving justice for the poor. He has devoted his life to this end. For him, loving Jesus and loving the poor go hand-in-hand. The sincerity and seriousness with which he pursues this is admirable in many ways. Yet nine Mennonite Brethren churches kept their youth home from the US Youth Conference last Easter because he was the keynote speaker. Why would these churches question the decision of setting him up as an example and teacher for our youth? His influence goes beyond what he would say at the conference through his books, website, and public appearances.

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