Mennonite Missions TREK to the Labyrinth and the Silence

For those who don’t know what TREK is, it’s a course for students in missions and discipleship.

Disciples who make disciples
TREK is our most intense short term mission opportunity, designed to help you learn, grow and serve. Our vision is for “Disciples who make disciples.”


It’s encouraging that TREKkers are learning be missionaries. However, part of the discipling program for Trek students includes a two month training phase spent at the Mark Centre to learn about personal spirituality. See (here and here). It should be drawn to the attention of parents and supporters that in the first leg of their journey, TREK students are introduced to contemplative spirituality. More specifically, they may be taught how to practice listening to God in the silence at a 48 hour silent retreat (past retreats have included time spent in silence at a local Benedictine monastery), or they might use a prayer labyrinth, or be taught to hear the voice of God through the teachings of Roman Catholic mystics, Quakers, and even a Franciscan neo-pagan priest.

For example, last fall’s TREK began with a silent retreat at the MB affiliated Mark Centre, and a trek to the newly leased chalet at Pender Island. Read the report below written by an innocent TREK student:

The chalet at Pender Island (which is being leased by the Mark Centre) is a place of stillness. The chalet is roomy and spacious. The outdoors is lush and open. We had a good time. Everyday involved work duties. I was able to contribute to a circular labyrinth by collecting beautiful rocks from the beach. The idea behind the labyrinth is to be used as a prayer tool. As you go to the centre you listen to God; he prepares your heart and mind through this process. When you are leaving the centre of the labyrinth you pray for others. It takes about 5 minutes to navigate without praying. It was awesome to be apart of the construction of this prayer tool.

Mark’s Trek 2011 Adventure
Posted on October 17, 2011

The naive students may also receive a work book to help them hear God, as seen here:

One tool I have been using is Steve and Evy Klassen’s book Your Ears Will Hear. It is a journal that helps guide an individual in becoming better at listening to God.
In the journal there are 64 different stories to inspire a person in how God speaks to people and then related questions to help in listening to God. For example a title of one of the stories is called Let Me Guide Your Heart with a personal story from Evy; the corresponding question is: “How is God guiding my heart”? The story helps ready your heart, sprit and mind to listen to God. There are 5 recurring themes in the book: listening to God through scripture, listening to God at work around us, listening to God through our hearts, listening to God in times of silence and solitude, and listening to God in community. I have found by using this book and taking time meditating in actively listening to God I am being transformed. I am constantly surprised, refreshed when I listen to God.

Being Transformed
Posted on April 4, 2012

To discover why this should be of concern, please read the following:

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