St. Ignatius of Loyola & St. Teresa of Avila and Agnes Sanford at a Mennonite Retreat Centre?

“Our Anabaptist forefathers were martyred for maintaining biblical Truth. Are the very doctrinal errors that drove them to their martyrdom resting today in some of our homes, sitting on our bookshelves as a testimony against us?”
-David A. Burkey, “Catholic Connection

In their work book Your Ears Will Hear: A Journal for Listening to God, are the leaders of the Mennonite Brethren affiliated Mark Centre promoting Jesuit spirituality, Roman Catholic mysticism, and the occultic inner healing movement? On page 156 the Mark Centre directors seem to be recommending “a great easy reading book” called Sleeping with Bread (Paulist Press, 1995) which explains a prayer exercise called the Examen made popular by St. Ignatius. The following quote from Sleeping with Bread is used:

“As we do this Examen process every day, a pattern emerges… Agnes Sanford referred to the pattern as our ‘sealed orders’ from God. By this she meant that it is as if before we were born, each of us talked over with God the special purpose of our time on earth. Throughout our lives each of us discovers more and more deeply our unique sealed orders, a way that only we are gifted to give and receive love” (pp. 20-21, Sleeping With Bread)”

Your Ears Will Hear: A Journal for Listening to God, p 156

Not mentioned is that the authors of Sleeping with Bread (Matthew Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn and Dennis Linn) are Jesuits and Ignatian retreat leaders (see, whose message is grounded in Ignatian spirituality. Also not explained is that Agnes Sanford was the founder of the inner healing movement which has Jungian occultic roots.

In the 1940’s Agnes Sanford blended Jung’s psychologized occult views with her own occult experiences and introduced them to the church. Sanford and her writings and seminars became the Christian source of Jungian occult teaching. Her views were directly passed on to a succession of “Christian” writers including Francis McNutt, Ruth Carter Stapleton, John and Paula Sanford, Thomas Merton, Morton Kelsey, and Richard Foster.

SOURCE: Divination Finds Further Expression in the Evangelical Church

When readers come across the Mark Centre’s modern version of the 16th century Examen process on page 157 of Your Ears Will Hear: A Journal for Listening to God, will they know the history behind this method?

“Ignatian Examen is an occult visualization technique taught by Ignatius Loyola, who founded the Jesuits in the 16th century. His exercise teaches one to visualize oneself in the presence of Jesus and then interact with Him during his earthly events, e.g., “at the Last Supper and the Garden of Gethsemane, at the foot of the cross, and laying Jesus’ body in the tomb.” 6 This has one adding content to Scripture from his imagination and opens a person to demonic manipulation (2 Corinthians:11:4; Galatians:1:8).”

SOURCE: Evangelical Mysticism?

A few pages after the Examen is recommended in the Mark Centre journal is a poem (p 167) called Laughter Came From Every Brick by St. Teresa of Avila, who is also known as the levitating saint. Read more about this poem and the Mark Centre here:

MB Herald Promotes Mark Centre Again

Have the Mennonites once again turned a blind eye to Jesuit Roman Catholic spirituality which has already infiltrated many of their churches? Were their forefathers persecuted and martyred in vain? What would they say if they were among us today? What about the TREK students who are reading and using this journal? What about all those who may be affected by this spirituality?

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