Healing the Gospel or Changing it?

Is Brian McLaren finding a place with the Seventh Day Adventists? Their online Spectrum Journal recently posted his 2009 interview at Point Loma Nazarene University:

Sabbath Sermon: A New Kind of Christian—Brian McLaren

They are looking forward to a Chattanooga conference with Brian McLaren and believe that he and author Derek Flood are advocating themes of intense relevancy to Adventists. Their review (see ‘Healing the Gospel’— A Review) says that “Healing The Gospel” by Derek Flood (www.therebelgod.com) is a powerful argument for why the penal substitution model is inadequate, and in fact harmful, for understanding the atonement. An author, theologian and regular writer for the Huffington PostFlood is also an author for Jim Wallis’s Sojourners and Tony Campolo’s Red Letter Christians, where his contribution page includes such titles as God Loves Us F**k-Ups and I Believe in a Rebel God.

Healing the Gospel: A Radical Vision for Grace, Justice, and the Cross is Flood’s new book on the atonement. If the foreword by Brian McLaren is not indication enough of ‘reader beware’, the endorsements on the back cover are – Phyllis Tickle, Michael Hardin and Brad Jersak. Hardin, who visited the sister blog of his one and left comments that were less than polite, partnered with Jersak’s project, Stricken by God, which met with some unfavourable reviews from Bible believing Christians. Phyllis Tickle is a leader in the emerging church and contemplative prayer movement.

Even so, one Christian reviewer of this book in the April 2013 MB Herald issue (see Restoration focus on gospel demands consistency, challenges all perspectives) offers no warnings but rather found Healing the Gospel to be a “relevant guide” that “fits well our MB conviction of the Bible’s authority for faith and life.”

What perilous days these are.


Brian McLaren has just endorsed Brad Jersak’s latest book called A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel, published by Plain Truth Ministries (www.ptm.org), where Jersak is a senior editor of their CWR blog (Christianity Without Religion). The recommended reading on the Plain Truth Ministries website speaks volumes (www.ptm.org/quad/bookList.htm). Jersak’s book is reviewed and endorsed by Derek Flood, Richard Rohr, William Paul Young, Brian McLaren, Eugene Peterson.


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