Christian Yoga at Mennonite Camp

Two years ago at Camp Squeah, Christian youth learned to walk the labyrinth (see Did these Young Mennonites Walk the Labyrinth?).

This year at Camp Squeah, it was a yoga retreat.

Exploring mind, body and soul connections
Yoga retreat brings spiritual insights

By Amy Dueckman
B.C. Correspondent

Determination to exercise more, or to improve one’s spiritual life, are on many people’s lists as they begin a new year. Thirty people who met at Camp Squeah from Jan. 11 to 13 found a way to do both through a retreat with the theme of “Breath of God” and the practice of yoga from a Christian perspective.
Angelika Dawson of Abbotsford, B.C., who spearheaded the retreat, had taken up yoga at her local recreation centre over a year ago, to increase her physical flexibility and strength. She loved the meditation and breathing exercises, but wasn’t always comfortable with the secular direction of imagining peace and light, or the distracting music…

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Camp Squeah is owned by the Mennonite Church British Columbia. It is a children’s summer camp, retreat centre and outdoor education facility. Here is their promotion of the recent yoga retreat:

Breath of God – Yoga from a Christian Perspective
January 11-13, 2013

This is a retreat for those seeking to deepen the contemplative dimension of their spiritual life through the practice of yoga and meditation in the Christian tradition. Gentle yoga stretching, yoga poses and breathing exercises are introduced not only as a path for relaxation, rejuvenation and stress reduction but also as a way to open the heart and body to a healing encounter with the transforming spirit of Christ within.

Read in more detail about this here:

‘Christian Yoga Retreat’ at a Christian Camp


5 thoughts on “Christian Yoga at Mennonite Camp

  1. Olives,
    I don’t pay a lick of attention to what the Mennonite Church does these days. They’re “the Liberals” (in the historic, proper academic sense of the word) of this century. The Episcopal Church is all but dead, and the “mainline” denominations of the previous century (United Church, Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Lutheran Church, Anglican Church, etc.) are all headed the way of the Dodo (with some evangelical exceptions that are fighting tooth and nail with their own denominations), with double digit percentile declines in membership/attendance every year. The Mennonite church is the dog that’s returning to their theological vomit and licking it up.

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed that the Mennonite Church in Canada is shrinking too, while the Evangelicals (namely the “young reformed” guys) in the Mennonite Brethren Church are planting a handful of consistently growing churches every year.

    (Hatha) Yoga done from a Christian perspective? I believe that’s called “stretching”. Without the underlying Hindu belief, it’s NOT Yoga. I’m far LESS concerned about this simple stupidity than I am with the fact that the Mennonite Church has abandoned the scriptures and the teaching of Christ found therein. Once those things are gone, all nature of pagan practice will fill the void…but addressing the pagan practice doesn’t really deal with any underlying problem. It’s kinda like rebuking an alcoholic for drinking Russian vodka instead of “buying Canadian”. Just saying…

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