More Mennonite Stillness and Lectio Divina

Not only is the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary teaching the stillness and lectio divina,[1] the Ontario Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches is promoting a one day contemplative workshop this fall called a Day in the Word:

“…this one-day workshop can help to open your heart and set you on a path to hearing God’s voice and refreshing your relationship with him. Two experienced pastors will lead participants into fresh and time-tested ways of having a conversational relationship with Jesus—first, by addressing this topic in the light of scripture and experience; and then by guiding the group into two spiritual practices that open the possibility of encountering God as personal and communicating. These practices are stillness, and “sacred reading” of Scripture (i.e. lectio divina).” [2]

This workshop is will be facilitated by Andrew Dyck and Don Craw.

If these “fresh and time tested”[3] ways are “spiritual practices that open the possibility of encountering God,” does that mean there is a possibility of encountering something other than God in the stillness?


[2] Saturday, September 21 – Grantham MB Church (St. Catharines)
Saturday, October 5 – Grace MB Church (Kitchener)
[3] could be translated: new to Anabaptists and old as the desert fathers


The Stillness and Lectio Divina at a Mennonite “Biblical” Seminary?


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