MCC and the Emerging Social Gospel

Last Saturday on November 2, Westside King’s Church in Calgary hosted Survival of the Weakest. Keynote speakers included Ron Sider (pioneer of the evangelical left), Shane Claiborne (new monastic Red Letter Christian), and various representatives from the Mennonite Central Committee, who came together to ‘discuss and examine God’s mission to renew all things’.

“Survival of the Weakest will create an environment to expose the systemic dysfunction that has co-opted the Church’s engagement in issues of freedom, peacemaking and spiritual formation…”

– Calgary 2013, Survival of the Weakest

Survival of the Weakest is a project of a group called Epiphaneia Network. Many of the speakers at past Epiphaneia projects have been essential names in the emerging church and contemplative spirituality momement. These include Brian McLaren, Chris Seay, Donald Miller, Jim Wallis[1], Brennan Manning, Leonard Sweet, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove[2], and Rachel Held Evans, to name a few.[3] Contributors to their recent project, called Letters to a Future Church, also include emerging left contributors.[4]

To find the Mennonite Central Committee with Claiborne and Sider at Epiphaneia is not surprising. (Read Carl Teichrib’s research on the MCC at

Ron Sider[5] is considered to be one of the leaders of the Christian left that emphasizes social justice over the preaching of the gospel to save souls (such as Jim Wallis, Shane Claiborne, and Tony Campolo).[6] One of many examples include a recent warning by a network of evangelical leaders about global warming titled, “Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action.” Some of the signatories included Brian McLaren, Ron Sider, Jim Wallis, and Rick Warren.[7]

New monastic activist Shane Claiborne has often found an audience with the Mennonites. Just a few weeks ago he spoke at Canadian Mennonite University’s Peace-It-Together youth conference (October 18-20).[8] Claiborne’s controversial beliefs place him among “socialist, or “progressive,” Christians who advocate deeds and actions that they believe will achieve justice and peace upon the earth.”[9]

Once again we see that peace loving Mennonites are found on the same page with emerging, new monastic, progressive socialist leftist Christians. The contemplative element only helps to give a form of religious spirituality to this false gospel that is being delivered by false teachers. This new kind of Christianity may sound peaceful, but it is spiritually dangerous.


[1] Jim Wallis and Shane Claiborne are Red Letter Christians. See:
What are Red-Letter Christians?
Repost: Sojourners Founder Jim Wallis’ Revolutionary Anti-Christian “Gospel” (and Will Christian Leaders Stand with Wallis)
Jim Wallis
[2] Wilson-Hartgrove is a leader in the new monasticism movement:
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[9] Jim Wallis, Shane Claiborne and Progressive Christianity


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