Mennonite University Considering Policy Change to Allow Homosexual Faculty

Mennonite University Considering Policy Change to Allow Homosexual Faculty

HARRISONBURG, Va. – A Mennonite university in Virginia is considering making a change to its current hiring policy to allow faculty members to be in same-sex relationships.

Eastern Mennonite University issued a news release on the matter last week, noting that it has decided to open up a 60-day listening period “to review current hiring policies and practices with respect to individuals in same-sex relationships.” President Loren Swartzendruber was authorized unanimously by the school board to design and oversee the process, which will begin in January.

“As a Christian university, it is our responsibility to engage in community discussion and discernment over issues that Mennonite congregations—indeed almost all denominations in the United States today—are wrestling with,” he stated at a recent staff forum. “One responsibility of leadership is to help define reality.”

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3 thoughts on “Mennonite University Considering Policy Change to Allow Homosexual Faculty

  1. This whole issue is even possible since Mennonites have long ago abandoned the scripture.

    The first thing to go was inerrancy & inspiration (many claim to have gotten rid of the first and kept the second, but a biblical understanding of the second necessitates the first).

    Next to go was any sort of coherent message of scripture; that’s how Mennonite scholars (like Lynn Jost, ex-president of MBBS) can hold to total pacifism in the light of the OT…they simply toss the Old Testament in the trash in favor of their unfathomably myopic version of a “Christo-centric” hermeneutic/biblical focus where all scripture means what they say Jesus thought it meant. Jesus miraculously ends up mirroring all their fetishes, heresies and political agendas.

    Next goes a biblical understanding of sin; sin is no longer rebellion against God’s moral law nor is moral rebellion the natural state of mankind. That one happened silently while nobody was looking, but everyone noticed the challenge to the atonement that followed. If there’s no main meaning to sin, then there cannot be one main meaning of the atonement.

    Now we’re in a doctrinal free for all where some MB churches are questioning the gospel itself, others are following Bill Johnson and the Bethel Church symphony of yodeling goats, and others are just confused on everything.

    Its only a matter of time before the M.B. conference is ordaining lesbian witches. We don’t have a biblical leg to stand on anymore; we have no consistent reason to object to anything.

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