A Historical Analysis of Mysticism

Are you wondering why so many Mennonites are turning to the Catholic mystics?

“Many people in the church today, in an attempt to live the victorious Christian life, are turning to the Catholic mystics for guidance and revival. Who are these people, and in what direction do their lives point? This paper will take a look at the lives and teachings of seven mystics, aka contemplatives of the past five centuries: Ignatius of Loyola (AD 1491-1556), Teresa of Avila (AD 1515-1582), John of the Cross (AD 1542-1591), “Brother” Lawrence (AD ca. 1614-1691), Madame Jeanne Guyon (AD 1648-1717), Thérèse of Lisieux (AD 1873-1897), and “Mother” Teresa of Calcutta (AD 1910-1997), as well as three recent popes, and a few events in Asia related to Buddhism.”

Read the rest of this analysis by Scott Noble here:

A Historical Analysis of Mysticism: Part II
Catholic and Buddhist Spirituality in the Context of the 16th through 21st Centuries


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