Mennonite Church USA to License Gay Pastor

Conference to license gay pastor

Mountain States Conference will be the first conference in Mennonite Church USA to license an openly gay pastor.
Theda Good will be licensed for her role as pastor of nurture and fellowship at First Mennonite Church of Denver on Feb. 2.
Good, who is in a committed relationship with another woman, joined First Mennonite’s staff in August 2012.
She has a master of divinity degree with a concentration in spiritual formation/direction from Eastern Mennonite Seminary in Harrisonburg, Va.

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3 thoughts on “Mennonite Church USA to License Gay Pastor

  1. Quote #1:

    “Much of the work centered around the consideration of a person whose gifts and call to ministry are clearly affirmed, yet is in a committed same-sex relationship, which varies from denominational statements,” wrote Mountain States Mennonite Conference in a press release.

    – How do these idolaters define a “call” to ministry? She just REALLY wants to be a pastor? How can her “call” be affirmed when it’s a call to sin? God doesn’t call you to do something he forbids.

    – Not only that, but the article SEEMS to suggest that her relationship is contrary to denominational statements…which brings up the question of how a church remains part of a conference against which they openly rebel?

    Quote #2:

    “It is the desire of the Leadership Board to function and communicate with a spirit of deep humility, joyfully acknowledging the work of God in our midst, and with a sense of sadness recognizing the pain that this causes some of the sisters and brothers that we love in Mennonite Church USA.”

    – What a ship of fools. Only the most arrogant and intransigent sinner calls themselves “humble” as they disregard the word of God and calls the celebration of sin something that they “joyfully acknowledge”…

    – Don’t kid yourself. They don’t care about pain they cause others. That’s all a self-righteous facade. They hate Christ and openly mock the gospel with their celebration of rebellion.

    – Their own claims to follow God will be the chief prosecution against them in the court beyond the grave.

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  3. It is hard to believe that Mennonite churches have rejected the truth of plain Scripture and want to
    please everybody, EXCEPT GOD today. We are definitely living in what Jesus described as the
    days of Noah (violence) and Sodom and Gomorrah, ( Homosexual and Lesbian sex perversion),
    He also asked the question; “When the Son of Man comes, shall He find faith?? — Our nation is going the same route, political correctness, giving minorities rights they have no rights to, creating
    chaos, and removing rights that true citizens have. All this will ultimately bring the judgments of God
    on our nation, unless we repent. The Church is to be salt and light in the world, but salt (an irritant) is
    longer there to restrain evil and the light is no longer shining brightly to show our nation the way it
    should go. May God help us to get back to the faith of our Fathers and repent before judgment and destruction befalls our nation.

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