The Anti-Israel Movement and the Mennonites: Part 3 – Pawns at the Checkpoint

It has recently been revealed by those who are concerned about Christ at the Checkpoint, that everything involved, from their manifesto, cause and resources to their website banner, appears to be biased and one-sided.[1] Once again this has been confirmed, this time in a positional paper stating the view of Israeli Messianic Jews…

“Christ at the Checkpoint” (CatC) is a biennial conference sponsored by the Bethlehem Bible College since 2010. The conference claims to be “theology in the service of peace and justice” but its true purpose is to fundamentally change the way that Evangelicals in the West read the Bible in order to fundamentally change their political stand regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict-and through them, to affect their political leaders. Instead of reading the Bible in its historical and cultural context in order to understand what the inspired prophets and apostles communicated as the Word of God, organizers of CatC want us to read the Scriptures only “in the shadow of the occupation”, that is, filtered through the Palestinian Arab’s POV and political aspirations. The result is “theology” divorced from God’s originally intended meaning; “theology” as clay reformed in the CatC potter’s hand to serve a one-sided, anti-Israel Palestinian political program.

See more: Position Paper re: Christ at the Checkpoint, 06 March 2014.

Many other articles and analysis reports on previous Christ at the Checkpoint conferences have revealed this anti-Israel bias and more.[2] Perhaps the best comprehensive and well researched overview is a 50 page booklet by Paul Wilkinson with explanations, pictures and charts, detailing how Christ at the Checkpoint revises history, demonizes Israel, damages the church and dishonours God.[3]

If Christ at the Checkpoint is part of the anti-Israel campaign, as all the facts seem to show, wouldn’t all those who attend or speak be considered tools for this propaganda event? Even so, Christian organizations continue to participate in this anti-Israel campaign. Among them are some well meaning Mennonites, some of whom will be participants for the second time. One such attender will be Palmer Becker, who has been called by Bethlehem Bible College and Mennonite Church Canada to assist in peacekeeping.[4] Other participating Mennonites at the previous Christ at the Checkpoint event in 2012 included Linford Stutzman (Eastern Mennonite University professor), three MCC Palestine workers, various student groups, and a program administrator for Mennonite Central Committee who promoted it by compiling some favourable quotes from the conference onto the MCC Palestine blog. Not surprisingly, an article in the Mennonite World Review also revealed Mennonite support for the Christ at the Checkpoint event.[5]

More recently, an off shoot from the previous Christ at the Checkpoint conferences was formed to continue the conversation in the U.S., called Impact Holy Land. This too was attended by well meaning Mennonites. MCC representatives, in partnership with Bethlehem Bible College, participated in this conference and enlisted the Mennonite Church USA (Peace and Justice Support Network) to help recruit pastors and leaders to attend[6].

Rather than being pawns in this end time game plan, Christians need to seek out and stand up for the truth. As in the days of Esther, a courageous voice is once again needed to expose Haman’s plan to annihilate the Jewish people. This year, Christ at the Checkpoint takes place March 10-14, a few days before Purim (March 16), the remembrance of when the Jewish people were saved from extermination[7]. Church, whose side are you on – Esther’s, or Haman’s?


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The Church at Christ’s Checkpoint
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[4] “I have received a new call from Bethlehem Bible College (BBC) and Mennonite Church Canada to go to Palestine/Israel for nine weeks to teach Pastoral Care and Counseling in the biblical towns of Bethlehem and Nazareth…In relation to peacemaking, I will attend the third “Christ at the Checkpoint” conference being sponsored by BBC, in March.”
Canadian Mennonite Blog: Called to Bethlehem</strong
Submitted by Palmer Becker on Wed, 2014-03-05 13:57
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UPDATE: March 9, 2014

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has issued a last-minute statement suggesting Christians steer clear of the “Christ at the Checkpoint” (CatC) conference that opens tomorrow (Monday) in Palestinian-held Bethlehem…
The official provided statement from the MFA is as follows:
“The attempt to use religious motifs in order to mobilize political propaganda and agitate the feelings of the faithful through the manipulation of religion and politics is an unacceptable and shameful act. Using religion for the purpose of incitement in the service of political interests stains the person who does it with a stain of indelible infamy.”
SOURCE: Israeli Gov’t: Christ at the Checkpoint is Problematic

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6 thoughts on “The Anti-Israel Movement and the Mennonites: Part 3 – Pawns at the Checkpoint

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  4. Thank you so much for this information. How we pray that the Christians/Mennonites would wake up and read God’s word. Read especially Ezekiel 36 and 37, God’s eternal promises to Israel.

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