Interfaith Peace – Mennonites and Muslims

Third Way Café is a ministry website that basically presents Anabaptist Christian topics of special interest to Mennonites. Recently the Third Way Café has been promoting a documentary called Waging Peace: Muslim and Christian Alternatives[1], an hour-long documentary about peacemaking in Christian and Muslim traditions. The goal of this documentary and recommended online links is to nurture a better understanding for world peace.

Links that appear in the documentary[2] include several Islamic centres as well as various Islamic and interfaith blogs. One belongs to Lynn Hybels who is listed with several Muslim leaders under Third Way Cafe’s Peace Blend, Meet the People list.[3] What kind of peace blend does Hybels offer? An Israel Today article explains:

Hybels is close friends with Nora Carmi of Sabeel, an organization that pushes vitriolic anti-Israeli propaganda in the name of “peace and justice.”
All of this eclipses Hybels’ attempts to become a neutral peacemaker. While certainly not an anti-Semite, she is guilty by close association with those who accuse Israel of everything from genocide to deicide. Perhaps unwittingly, she is carrying on Christianity’s awful anti-Semitic legacy.[4]

The wife of Bill Hybels, Lynne Hybels is a contributing editor for Jim Wallis and Sojourners magazine, was appointed to President Obama’s faith Council, and has partnered with Tony Campolo and Brian McLaren at “Christ at the Checkpoint”.[5]

Some other links that the Waging Peace website does not necessarily endorse, but have been provided by the Third Way Café website[6], include several Islamic and interfaith websites.

In addition, Third Way Café lists some resources for those who want to explore more about this topic[7]. One of these recommended resources is A Common Word: Muslims and Christians on Love God and Neighbor[8], a book that contains the original letter, “A Common Word between Us and You,” that stressed the common ground of Islam and Christianity in love of God and love of neighbor.[9]

Thirdway Café also provides three video clips from the Waging Peace documentary[10]. The first one is about weekly breakfast meetings of a Mennonite pastor and a Muslim imam in Ontario, Canada, and Muslim and Mennonite students learning from each others’ faith traditions at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate. The second clip shows an interfaith peace camp where children of Islam, Christian and Jewish faiths learn about the others’ traditions. The third is about what Christians and Muslims historically have ‘in common’ regarding peacemaking.

Is partnering with Islamic and supporters of anti-Israel campaigns the way to make biblical peace? While they are blending together, learning to understand eachother, and trying to bring about an alternative world peace, are these Mennonites sharing the biblical gospel of peace with the Muslims[11]? Did Jesus tell his disciples to go make peace with the world and understand the other faiths, or go into all the world and preach the gospel? Without telling Muslims the truth about the Prince of Peace, is such a peace blend even possible[12]?

Say among the heathen that the LORD reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved: he shall judge the people righteously. Psalm 96:10

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[12] Danish Psychologist: ‘Integration of Muslims in Western Societies is Not Possible’ by FELIX STREUNING

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