Mennonite Pope?

Because he is a man of simplicity and peace, Pope Francis resonates with many Mennonites. Some have even been referring to him as the ‘Mennonite Pope.’ In an article in The Mennonite, a monthly magazine for members of Mennonite Church USA, Robert Brenneman, a Mennonite who teaches at a Catholic College, explains why he counts himself among the Christians who are smitten by the new pope…

“In his speech and with his actions, Pope Francis has already begun to change the character of the papal office in ways that reflect a gospel that is more familiar and dearer to me as a Mennonite Christian. While reading yet another article (in the secular press) describing the simplicity and pastoral humility expressed by Pope Francis, I couldn’t help but think for a moment—Habemus papam Mennonitum—we have a Mennonite pope . . .

. . . As Mennonites, we have never relied on a pope to instruct us to live as Christ did. Yet I believe Rome’s new bishop has much to teach us if we listen. Neither a radical ideologue nor a stern traditionalist, Pope Francis has instead taken an incarnational approach to leading his church, embodying the values he teaches and thus commencing a papacy that is as close to a “Mennonite papacy” as anyone could imagine. Although we do not truly have a Mennonite pope, if we ever did, we could only hope that he might be as humble, wise and grace-filled as Francis. May God grant him peace.”

SOURCE: The Mennonite 2014-03-01 ISSUE
Habemus papam Mennonitum (We have a Mennonite pope).
The words and actions of Pope Francis resonate with much of Mennonite faith and practice. Robert Brenneman

Pope Francis may be changing the world’s perception of the character of the papal office, but the doctrines and teachings of the Roman Catholic church regarding the essentials of the gospel of salvation have not changed. If Menno Simons were alive today, he would be more than dismayed to see articles lauding the papacy being written and published in a magazine by those who call themselves after his name. These Menno-lites (Mennonites in name only) seem to have forgotten that their namesake wrote against this very same papistic belief system which taught that . . .

“… we must adhere to and obey the pope and his church, hear mass, receive the holy water, perform pilgrimages, call upon the mother of the Lord, and the departed saints, confess at least twice a year, receive papistic absolution, have our children baptized, and commemorate the holy days. The priests must vow chastity; the bread in the mass, must be called the flesh, and the wine, the blood of Christ; besides all their other idolatry and abominations, which are daily practiced by them.
And all this is called, by these poor, ignorant people, the most holy christian faith, and the institution of the holy christian church. Although it is nothing but mere human opinion, self-chosen righteousness, seductive hypocrisy, manifest deception of the soul, ungodly, indecent bodily nourishment and gain of lazy priests, an accursed abomination, an incensing of God, a disgraceful blasphemy, an unworthy despising of the blood of Christ, a self-devised undertaking, and a disobedient, contumacy to the divine word. In short, a false, offensive, divine worship, and open idolatry, of which Jesus Christ (to whom the Father points us) has not left or commanded us a single letter of all these things.”


Regarding the office of the pope, It was over a hundred years ago that Dr. J.A. Wiley wrote:

“Popery is the counterfeit of Christianity, a most elaborate and skilfully contriven counterfeit, a counterfeit in which the form is faithfully preserved, the spirit utterly extinguished, and the end completely inverted.
This counterfeit Church has its high priest, the Pope, who blasphemes the royal priesthood of Christ, by assuming his office, when he pretends to be Lord of the conscience, Lord of the Church, and Lord of the world; and by assuming his names, when he calls himself “the Light of the World,” “the King of Glory,” “the Lion of the tribe of Judah,” Christ’s Vicar and God’s Vicegerent.
. . . Thus has Popery counterfeited, and, by counterfeiting, set aside, all that is vital and valuable in Christianity.
It robs Christ of his kingly office, by exalting the Pope to his throne…”

– Dr. J.A. Wiley, The History of Protestantism.

Has anything really changed within the modern day papacy apart from outward appearances? Instead of embracing Catholicism and promoting admiration of the pope, shouldn’t Christians repent of such compromise and lovingly share the truth with Roman Catholics?



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