Do Opinions Trump the Bible?

As Mennonite USA member opinions pour in, what will be the deciding factor on the current homosexuality issue?

MC USA members speak out to director

Mar 21, 2014 by Paul Schrag

NORTH NEWTON, Kan. — Ervin Stutzman has received hundreds of emails from people across the range of opinion on homosexuality.
“This has been a time of learning for me over the past three months,” the Mennonite Church USA executive director said, speaking to the Constituency Leaders Council at their opening session March 20.
Stutzman said he had received hundreds of letters “calling for greater inclusion of LGBTQ individuals” and many others “pleading for us to be faithful to our traditional stance.”
He also gets letters of concern for unity, asking why this issue must tear the church apart.
“I’m also hearing that there is a significant number of people who say the time for dialogue and discussion is past,” he said.
He said some people tell him, “You have to decide whether you are with those people or whether you are with us.”

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Tradition? Dialogue? Opinions? Trends? People? Political Correctness? Or God’s Word? Only Menno-lites seem to have a hard time picking the only correct answer.


One thought on “Do Opinions Trump the Bible?

  1. God’s WHAT? The reality is that next to nobody in the Mennonite Church
    USA actually believes that the Bible is the actual word of God, at least in any tangible way that affects anything in real life.

    This decision was settled decades ago in both the MC and MB conferences. If the Bible is actually the divine oracles of God almighty, then we have only one job: rightly interpreting those divine oracles. If the Bible is anything else, then we need to consider everything else in coming to a conclusion.

    The decision is already made. We just haven’t arrived there yet.

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