Call for an Ecumenical Mennonite Denomination

The lead pastor of Akron Mennonite Church is wondering if anxiety over sexuality issues can be reframed into ecumenical dialogue by Mennonite Church USA. Expressing his wish this April to focus on convergence points rather than divergence, he wrote . . .

“Our local ministerium is a rich mixture of mainline Protestant, independent evangelical, Anabaptist and Catholic congregations. We agree to hold the local community as our shared parish. We partner together in community meals, the nonprofit social service agency, food banks and homeless ministries. We stay connected to the local school district and are mindful of community-wide issues and initiatives. We created an ecumenical understanding of working together on common interests. Beyond that, we respect each other’s way of worship and core beliefs.
What holds us together is our common commitment to Christ. We give witness in word and deed through an Anabaptist theology and missional ecclesiology. We seek local and global partnerships while remaining true to our core identity. We are voluntarily accountable to one another, just as we are in our congregational life together.
… It is really a form of ecumenical partnership.
A congregational polity within an ecumenical framework allows us the breathing room to be who God calls us to be while providing the vehicle for greater partnerships. The structure serves our common mission and identity…”

SOURCE: A call for an ecumenical Mennonite denomination

Any Mennonites answering to such a call would be joining the growing crowd on the road to Rome. Those they would be walking side by side with include:

Rick Warren:
Ulf Ekman:
Ambrose College:
Kenneth Copeland:
James Robison:
Moody Bible Institute:
The Nazarenes:
Peter Scazzero, the Christian Missionary Alliance and Focus on the Family Canada:

What would Menno Simons say about this?


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