More Centering & Meditation Mennonite Resources

The Way of the Child[1] for children is part of the contemplative COMPANIONS IN CHRIST series from The Upper Room. It was created by Wynn McGregor who completed the two-year Academy for Spiritual Formation at The Upper Room and ‘had a vision to engage children in spiritual practice.’ Focusing on spiritual formation, The Way of the Child teaches children practices to help them experience God’s presence by slowing down and listening to the inner voice.

The Way of the Child can be found on the Mennonite Church Canada resource website[2], as can the Companions in Christ series by Upper Room.[3] The Upper Room is a religious organization that promotes contemplative spirituality and is the creator of a meditation tool called Walk to Emmaus.[4]

The following is an overview of The Way of the Child from Faith Christian Books.


Meeting the needs of children’s spirituality, Way of the Child, provides a contemplative and formulaic approach to providing resources that both teach the Bible and the basics of faith. In a world where we are always rushing to get from one place to another, Way of the Child offers a calming, centering, meditation style, which deepens a child’s connection to God. What is The Way of the Child? What is spiritual formation? What happens during the sessions? What can I do to support the study? How can our family – together – share our faith in practical ways? … “Children are spiritual beings who come to us as gifts from God,” writes McGregor. “The child’s natural way of life and the way most of us live seem to be two different orders of reality. Yet the way of the child represents much of what we consider central to authentic Christian spirituality.” … Every family with a child in The Way of the Child program needs a copy of The Family Booklet.

Centering prayer is a type of meditation that is being taught as a popular contemplative Christian practice. It is simply another term for going deep within your center, and has its roots in New Age spirituality and Hinduism. There are dangers in this method of meditation and it is not a practice that should be taught to children, regardless of what it is called or who promotes it as Christian.


[1] Introduction to The Way of The Child (video clips):



The Danger of Centering Prayer


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