More Mennonites Licensing Same-Sex Pastor

Another conference to license gay pastor
Central District expects to join Mountain States in action that Mennonite Church USA’s leadership board has opposed
Oct 27, 2014 by Kelli Yoder, Mennonite World Review

A second Mennonite Church USA area conference intends to license a pastor in a same-sex relationship, potentially putting it at odds with an Executive Board directive.
Central District Conference plans to license Mark Rupp, who was installed Sept. 21 as pastor of Christian formation at Columbus (Ohio) Mennonite Church.
Lois Johns Kaufmann, the conference minister, said the Central District board and ministerial committee affirmed their readiness to license Rupp.
Then she, several board members and the ministerial committee chair asked almost two dozen church leaders and pastors to offer their counsel to help decide when to hold the licensing service.
“Most of the people expressed a hope that we could wait until after Kansas City [the MC USA convention in July],” she said. “We are committed to doing a licensing service in late July of next year.”
The MC USA Executive Board in June asked that no area conference grant a ministerial license to a pastor in a same-sex relationship and said the denomination would not recognize such licenses.

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Goshen congregation leaves Mennonite Church USA


2 thoughts on “More Mennonites Licensing Same-Sex Pastor

  1. Tragedy and comedy all wrapped up into one.

    So what kind of church does a person have when their pastor is unregenerate and the denomination fights to put him in that church in the first place?

    The MC USA needs to stop using the term “church”. That’s self misrepresentation…

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