Saskatoon gay couple 1st to be married in Mennonite church

Saskatoon gay couple 1st to be married in Mennonite church
Craig Friesen and Matt Wiens were married on New Year’s Eve
By Rachel Bergen, CBC News, Jan 05, 2015

New Year’s Eve is a special time for many, and for Craig Friesen and Matt Wiens, it was especially meaningful.
The Saskatoon couple was married on Dec. 31 in Osler, Sask., in the presence of family, friends and the church community.
The men’s wedding marks a point in history for the Mennonite denomination in Canada. Friesen and Wiens are the first same-sex couple publicly married in a Canadian Mennonite church. . .

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Survey reveals divides on inclusion, organization
A new survey reports credentialed leaders in Mennonite Church USA have diverse views about membership and leadership roles for gay and lesbian people and about how the denomination might organize itself differently.

Year in review: Sexuality issues test unity

One thought on “Saskatoon gay couple 1st to be married in Mennonite church

  1. I am amazed that the extended Mennonite family in this case would actually attend a gay marriage inside the walls of their Mennonite church if they still pray and respect the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    On the other hand, perhaps they believe more in the new age god, the new wave of multiculturalism in religion, as I do know some Mennonite ministers are starting to marry people from all walks of faith: Buddhists, Catholics, Christian and Wiccans.

    Mennonites used to be against dancing, wearing makeup, earrings, smoking, short skirts, and listening to Elvis Presley. In fact, there used to be a joke going around about the Mennonites. “The Mennonites don’t kiss because it may lead to dancing”…..poking fun at their archaic ideas that dancing is somehow wrong. Overall, though, Mennonites have come a long way —-according to many social workers, their once highest rate in incest is slowing taking second place.

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