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The Mennonite is the publication of Mennonite Church USA. Several months ago they published an article called Learning to love our bodies. The following is an excerpt from this article that begins with the question: “How is it possible that we in the church, which claims that Jesus is the center of our faith, don’t love our bodies and love being human?”

Loving our bodies is not some new age or heretical concept; it is at the heart of the gospel…
One way to do this is through the ancient practice of yoga. We may not think of yoga as a way to practice Christian theology. In fact, friends who are yoga teachers often talk about concerns they hear from people in classes that yoga violates their Christian beliefs.
There is an irony that our church, with the foundational doctrine of the Incarnation, doesn’t have a practice for us to learn to inhabit and love our bodies, so it makes sense that we borrow from another culture and translate it into a Christian practice.
Yoga is a practice of mindfulness, of learning to be in the body, in space and in time. As such, it easily becomes an incarnational practice.

Source: Learning to love our bodies
10.26.2014 by Suella Gerber

*Read the truth about so called Christian Yoga, HERE.


Christian Yoga at Mennonite Camp

3 thoughts on “More Mennonite Yoga

  1. Hi mennolite! I went to “” website and typed in the following reply:

    “It saddens me to see that more Christians are being deceived to believe that yoga is “just exercise or stretching.” Christian yoga is an oxymoron.
    You can use all the beautiful words in describing yoga, and quote the Bible, but this does not make it okay for Christian to practice yoga.
    You can NOT separate yoga from Hinduism. Every single pose in yoga represents one of Hinduism’s over 300,000,000+ gods/goddesses.

    The Bible tells us in Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to discern what is the good, and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

    To quote from

    “Is Yoga a religion that denies Jesus Christ? Yes. Just as Christianity denies the Hindu MahaDevas such as Siva, Vishnu, Durga and Krishna, to name a few, Hinduism and its many Yogas have nothing to do with God and Jesus (though we do respect that others believe in this way). As Hindus who live the Yogic lifestyle, we appreciate when others understand that all of Yoga is all about the Hindu religion. Modern so-called ‘yoga’ is dishonest to Hindus and to all non-Hindus such as the Christians.”

    Dharma Yoga Ashram
    (Classical Yoga Hindu Academy)”

    Please do not practice yoga if you’re a born-again Christian. Do other types of exercise and stretching to get in physical shape.”

    I pray that others may read my reply and reconsider doing yoga, or if they’re practicing yoga … that they stop. Amen.

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