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    • Jamie Arpin-Ricci is on the same page as other emergent new monastic/missional types such as Len Hjalmarson and radical Shane Claiborne. He is the Abbot of the Little Flowers Community (littleflowers.ca), an inner city church plant in Winnipeg that’s a mixture of YWAM, Anabaptist, and Franciscan tradition. Chiara House (chiarahouse.ca) is a new missional off shoot of Little Flowers Community (in partnership with Mennonite Church Manitoba) which practices the Rule and Rhythm of Life, embracing the life of poverty & simplicity, sermon on the mount, ecumenism, etc.

      His latest book (“The Cost of Community: Jesus, St. Francis & Life in the Kingdom”) is about living in community and unity of brokenness and sacrifice. He blogs @ www. missional.ca and is a contributor at Tony Campolo’s Red Letter Christians (redletterchristians.org).

      In addition, this unity of sharing in community, suffering and simplicity is typical of the new missional gospel which is different than the good news of the gospel, that sinners are saved by believing in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. True unity then comes from being indwelt by the Holy Spirit and being of one mind in Christ. Consider the following:

      “The emphasis of a “Missional” church will be community and meeting every need it can there rather than evangelizing it. This is not Biblical my brethren nor should it be the “mission” of the Church. They will always emphasize the amount of time the members in the Church spend with unbelievers in places outside of the Church. Show me that in the Bible. Also, there will be an emphasis in these churches to view other religions as just another way to God rather than in error. This is why there is little to no emphasis placed on evangelism.
      My brethren, this is not Christian. It is not what the Church should be about at all. The Missionary focus of a true church is that it goes out to preach the gospel to an unsaved world headed toward judgment with emphasis on repentance for the forgiveness of sin found in the death and resurrection of Christ. This mission proclaims the absolute truth of the Gospel, which is proven by Jesus’ resurrection from the grave. The Greek word translated as “Gospel” means “Good News” and that is exactly what it is because it provides condemned sinners with a certain escape from God’s wrath.
      The emphasis in being “Missional” is on an uniting the world religions around good works to make life on planet earth a paradise now according to the Emergents. However, this is not the true focus that God gave His Church. Instead, we are to gather around the teaching from God’s Word, praying, and fellowship (Acts 2:41,42). From this we are to go into the world preaching the good news of the Gospel, making disciples.”

      The Seductive Deception of the Call to be Missional
      Mike Ratliff

      Therefore, the test of who is ‘above board’ may be whether they are ‘missionary minded’ or the new ‘missional minded.’

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