For Menno-lites

Are you a Mennonite or a Menno-lite?

Today’s modern Mennonites who are returning to Roman Catholic practices have an ‘understanding-lite’ of who their namesake is and what he did to separate himself from the church of Rome. Theirs is a Menno-lite understanding of who they are.

Rather than taking sacred pauses and ruminating the quotes of Roman Catholic priests and mystics, here are some reminders for today’s Menno-lites to pause and think about.

From their founder…

Menno Simons on … the church

Menno Simons on the Doctrine of the Preachers

Menno’s Renunciation of Rome

A Message from the Grave for the New Kind of Mennonites


Some important questions…

Would Menno Simons Blog Anonymously?

Unanswered Questions

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